Saturday, 18 May 2013

Speeding in Frodsham

From time to time residents write to me about speeding in Frodsham.  Research has shown that the majority of speeders tend to be locals as opposed to people travelling through to somewhere else.

We have two identified speeding hotspots in Frodsham at the moment.  They are Bridge Lane and Fluin Lane.  That doesn't mean there isn't speeding elsewhere - it is just that it appears more prevalent in these locations.

Now the speed limit on Bridge Lane will be dropped to 30mph when the bridge repair works start.  In fact the 30mph speed limit will be extended all the way to the Clifton roundabout and 500m up the road from the bridge towards Sutton Weaver.  This will be a temporary measure for the duration of the bridge works.  We should anticipate that there will be police enforcement activity there when the bridge works start.

Anyway I was walking home from the Frodsham Town meeting this afternoon.  I noticed that Cheshire Police had installed a SID (speed indicator device) just down from my home.

Even though I am aware that Fluin Lane is a speeding hot spot I was somewhat surprised to note that most of the cars I saw passing SID were speeding - after all SID was very visible.  Most drivers having been advised that they were speeding did reduce their speed beneath 30mph.  However others just drove on oblivious.  In the short time I was watching most cars were being driven between 30-35mph, but I did see SID showing 39mph.  Incidentally if the police had detected a driver driving at 39mph on Fluin Lane they would almost certainly prosecute.