Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 2 of the Bee Festival - Its a Knockout and other things

Well it seems like it has rained all day - but even the damp English weather couldn't keep us down.  The Bee Festival continued to buzz to its 'It's a Knockout' finale.   I chatted with many of the retailers and stall holders - they were really pleased with the event and what had been achieved.

Whilst there may have been fewer people at the park today than yesterday we still had many hundreds.
Phoebe Hunt's winning entry

I helped tally the votes for the 'Be my Bee' competition.   It took a team of 8 of us to do it.  We must have had more than a 1,000 votes cast in the competition - a tremendous tribute to those taking part and for the festival as a whole.

Phoebe Hunt won the overall competition.  The quality of the entries was really super.  Those voting were also really taken with the entries from Kingsley County Primary, and Frodsham Weaver Vale Primary Schools.  Cllr Lynn Riley and I will be awarding each of those schools a small grant both to reflect their excellent work in the competition and also as a 'thank you' for taking the trouble to take part.

Some of the other entries in the Bee competition
Phoebe getting her prize

It's a Knockout was great fun - wet for everyone, intentionally for the competitors (although I stayed pretty dry!)

Our next Mayor of Frodsham Sarah Wakefield getting soaked

Kate Dodgson, me, Lynn Riley and Mark Warren
We've had some really tremendous fun over the last 2 days.  A big thank-you to the Foundation to Kate, Rod, Mary and all their helpers.  Thanks also to everyone who had a stall, spoke, marshalled and kept us all safe and dryish!  Thanks to Graham Evans MP for supporting the event and to FTC and Cllr Mark Warren for their support of the Foundation.  Thanks also to CWaC who allowed themselves to be talked into supporting the Foundation with cash and for the Member's Grant scheme which has allowed Lynn and I to innovate and really try to make big changes in Frodsham that benefit all of us.  You ain't seen nothing yet!

PS most of the photos were taken by my daughter Sarah who tells me she is asserting her © - I have 512 photos of this afternoon - if any one wants a copy or a larger image let me know!