Thursday, 2 May 2013

Air Quality Forum

We had the latest meeting of the Ince Resource Recovery Park Air Quality Forum tonight.
This forum is made up of local residents and councillors from around Mersey Estuary with support from CWaC and Peel and experts.

Peel and Covanta (albeit after being pressed by Cllr Lynn Riley and me) have committed to funding the air quality forum and the air monitoring that it entails.  The monitoring will start around a year before the Ince Resource Recovery Park commences operations.

However, there is a rub - at the moment the building of the recovery park is on hold.  Covanta didn't win the contract to dispose of Merseyside's waste.  Necessarily Peel don't want to pay for air quality monitoring unless and until their park is going to built.

Now those of us living in and around the estuary really want to have the air quality monitored now.

We learnt that the incinerator at Ineos (over the border in Halton) which will be burning Greater Manchester's waste will be commissioned shortly.  There is some suggestion that will happen in September.

Unfortunately I gather that Ineos have not put in place an air monitoring forum - and they are seeking to limit the air monitoring they will put in place.

This raises a challenge for all of us living on the Estuary.

I will be exploring in the next few days with my CWaC Cllr and officer colleagues - as well as FTC - whether we can bring about air quality monitoring in Frodsham now.

We will be getting the final air quality monitoring report within a month setting out what the experts say should be monitored and where the monitoring stations could be.  I will publish it.