Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Ken Riddoch Trophy for Contribution to Sport

Can you help me solve a mystery?

I was handed what I take to be an EPNS Silvered Dish tonight.   Around the rim it is entitled 'The Ken Riddoch Trophy for Contribution to Sport.'  In the centre it has 'Vale Royal presented by Sports Council.'

Apparently it was in the back of a cabinet where old council trophies and dishes were being stored.  Something of a clear out was being considered - however Cllr Eleanor Johnson spotted this dish - and noting that it was apparently first awarded to Frodsham Harriers in 1979 and was linked to Vale Royal she suggested that it be given to me.

I've given it a light polishing - as it was very tarnished.

There are some obvious leads I will attempt to follow up in due course - but if anyone knows anything about the trophy and its significance please let me know.

The engravings on the front appear to be:

1979 Frodsham Harriers
1980 Fred Egerton Angling; Jack Bennion Bowling
1981 Harold Brotherton Bowling for the Handicapped
1982 Shirley Strong Athletics
1983 John Biddulph Power Lifting
1984 George Bunner Athletics
1985 Mr W Shufflebottom Rowing
1986 Dave Warburton Karate
1987 Jack Denton Swimming
1988 Pip Wright Football
1989 Terry Veal Cycling
1990 Tom Stelfox Football
1991 Frank Yarwood Swimming
1992 Jack Buckley Cricket & Gordon Bennett Youth Football
1993 Michael Wilding & Tommy Blackmore Boxing
1994 George Wardle Cricket
1995 Roger Blake Rugby Union
1996 Geoff Crompton, Les Burgess Founders Moulton Adventure Group
1997 Peter Warburton Soccer

The engravings on the back are:
2001 Pat Joseph
2002 Ken & Mary Ayrton
2002/03 Bill Perrin Football
2003/04 Stewart Bailey
2004/05 Tony Ryder

I'm open to suggestions as to what should happen to it next.  It is a nice piece and it would be great if it could be awarded again - but before we think about that - what was this trophy all about?