Saturday, 2 March 2013

Frodsham Foundation's Big Wedding Event

It's been a sunny day in Frodsham.  The town has been bedecked in white balloons all attracting people to the town for the Big Wedding Event.  We've had visitors from Liverpool, Preston and Chester to name but a few places ... all attracted to Frodsham.

We want Frodsham to be a wedding destination of choice - we know what a fantastic place it is - we just need to make sure everyone else knows too.  Everything anyone needs for a fantastic wedding is here in Frodsham... and best of all much of it comes from our local independent businesses.

We have the venues - the Churches, the Hotels and Castle Park;
We've the dress shops, the jewellers, the cake shops, the photographers, the gift shops ... the list goes on and on.

It was wonderful to see the buzz in Frodsham today, to see the Foundation bringing businesses together and attracting people to Frodsham.  As Rob Crowther said to me ... 'can we have one of these every weekend please!'  I gather his whole hog was well and truly eaten by early afternoon!