Thursday, 7 March 2013

CWaC Special Council 6 March 2013

Cllr Lynn Riley and I, along with all other CWaC Councillors were invited to attend a special council meeting at Winsford last night.

We were asked to consider the proposed merger of Cosmopolitan Housing Group with Sanctuary Housing Group.  Chester and District Housing Group was formed to take a transfer of the former Chester City Council house stock many years ago.  More recently it became part of the Cosmopolitan Housing Group. 

If you are interested in the underlying issues I suggest you 'google' Cosmopolitan Housing Group and read the press reports.

We can't say anything about the meeting as it was all commercially confidential - however the Chief Executive of CWaC has authorised us to say that the Council is working hard to achieve the best possible outcome for the tenants of CDHG.

Note Weaver Vale Housing Trust took the transfer of the old Vale Royal Council's housing stock and as such this proposal is unlikely to raise any issues in Frodsham.