Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gritting Helsby High School 'Bus Park' in Winter

Students, staff and parents all know that the Bus Park at Helsby High School can be an unforgiving and slippery when there is ice or snow on the ground.  I've never understood why it never gets gritted.  We had a few days earlier this winter when once again it was treacherous.  

Well, I'm pleased to say, that by using a little bit of initiative, the experience of knowing how Frodsham's winter gritting scheme is working and the leverage that the CWaC Members' Grants give I think I've sorted the problem.  I've authorised the purchase of a hand held gritter.

If you are into specifications it is a Turbocast 300 - it comes highly recommended by CWaC's own staff.  The Helsby High School caretaker it reportedly 'absolutely delighted!'

When Cllr Les Ford (Helsby) and Cllr Lynn Riley (my own co-colleague in Frodsham) heard of my initiative they immediately volunteered to 'share the cost' out of their grants budget too.

The kit costs around £1,000 - hopefully an investment that will last many many years.  I am absolutely delighted that I've been able to help the High School help themselves and to make the school grounds a little safer in wintry conditions.  Lets hope it arrives before the next wintery snap.