Monday, 11 February 2013

And the Winners are ... Frodsham's Community Grants (2)

And now the winners in the £500 and £250 grant award categories.

The community groups decided to support:
Frodsham Youth Association
Frodsham Youth Association who want to make more facilities for our teenagers.  They want to have a community cafe for the young adults - somewhere where they can hang out at the weekends.  They have their eye on a building in Castle Park.  They want the money to buy, amongst other things the crockery!

Frodsham Sea Scouts
 The Sea Scouts want the money to buy a new Canadian Canoe.  They told me that their last one was used just a little bit too enthusiastically!

Sam Williams from Frodsham Rotary Club
 Frodsham & Helsby Rotary Club pitched for funds to support the Festival in the Park event.

Frodsham Rainbow Clubs - who support disabled youngsters also won an award this year.  They won last year too - and came to show us some of the certificates of achievement their youngsters have won.

In the £250 category we had 3 groups pitching for 4 awards - so all were winners.

Philip Sparke from the Model Car Club

These winners included Frodsham Model Car Club who are going to buy a club car and encourage greater participation in the club.

Wellspring bereavement group
 The Wellspring bereavement group will use their award to support those who have suffered loss.

Now with there being a spare £250 award we gave those funds to Frodsham Transitions to support their community orchard project.  They had finished just outside the awards in the £500 category.

Frodsham Transitions

All photographs were taken by Sarah Dawson.