Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winter Gritting in Frodsham

The weather forecast was right - snow on Friday and we got it! Many of us enjoy the snow - I certainly did - loads of wintery photography and sledging with my teenage children.

But snow and ice can bring frustration and isolation too. When the snow came down hard at around tea time all our roads became somewhat difficult to drive on. I had to inch home from sledging.

Inevitable when the snow falls CWaC's gritters can't be everywhere. CWaC decided yesterday afternoon to grit both the primary and secondary routes. They only have a duty to grit the principal route network in any event. This morning all the main roads are open. They've done a great job.

But keeping the main roads open still leaves the side roads and pavements. As we all know Frodsham has few level road junctions. One of the down sides living around a hill is getting in and out of the side roads during ice and snow.

Learning the lessons of the harsh winters 3 and 4 years ago I introduced first a pilot scheme for localised winter gritting. This meant delivering bags of grit to people at their homes for them to spread on the roads and pavements. It worked well on the Lakes Estate (the pilot area) and so two years ago I was able to persuade FTC to take over the scheme and offer free grit to anyone in Frodsham who will spread it on the local roads and pavements.

So if you want some grit and you agree to spread it on the local roads and pavements - just ask. Phone Jon Wild FTC's Town Clerk on 01928 735150 and volunteer!

And if you want proof it works have a look at these photos:
The pavement near my home on Fluin Lane - and what I was able to do to the junction of the Willows with Fluin Lane - a notorious bottle neck in snow and ice. Now just think if we all got stuck in we'd keep Frodsham moving in winter and make the pavements much safer for our pedestrians.


I was out in the town centre this afternoon to have my hair cut.  I was struck by the icy conditions near some of the businesses.  Guys you have no excuse.  Do you want people to come and shop at your premises - even when it is snowy and icy?  Well get your shovels and spades out - do your bit!  Phone up FTC's town clerk and have a few bags of grit delivered.  That way we can all keep Frodsham moving, safe for all of us and, importantly well and truly open for business.