Friday, 25 January 2013

What is politics all about?

At the moment I am spending quite a lot of my time around politicians, council officers, and members of the emergency services - both professionally as part of my day job as a regulatory lawyer, and also, of course as a Councillor.

It is interesting rubbing up against these professionals in my different guises and seeing and sensing the different responses I receive.  It is also fascinating watching other politicians and their acolytes.  I have to say that I get more respect and get more done with officialdom as a lawyer than as a councillor.  That tells me about how politicians are perceived - even by their own officers.

There are some around me that 'get it' - in other words, there are some politicians and those that work around them and with them that realise what politics is all about - well at least according to me at any rate.

In my view politics is about two very simple things - 
  • listening, discussion and dialogue; and
  • getting things done.
Communication is the life blood - you can't get things done unless you listen and communicate, and there is almost no point in doing something if you don't communicate that you are doing it or have done it.

I'm in the midst of something at the moment that may end up in a book or a film at some point.  Those of us immersed in it certainly have had fun suggesting which film stars should take the various roles on offer.  We've had Harrison Ford suggested along with George Clooney for various people - not me as I'm not attractive enough for that sort of treatment.

There are all sorts of characters involved in the drama though - one of them thinks he is a 'big-shot' politician.

I have just had the misfortune to be in dialogue with him - I won't say where or which party - but this politician assumed that everyone would bow down before him and, as a matter of course contact him out of the blue.  He never thought about making the first move himself  - perhaps he is far too important!

Funnily enough it took him 4 emails to respond to me - that's something I may end up using!   Perhaps he is too important to read his own emails or even type a reply!  Funnily enough I know anecdotally how poorly this guy is perceived by people who are his erstwhile supporters.  He exists in his own bubble of self importance.   It would be quite an interesting character to write into the screen-play!

You have my permission to burst my bubble any day of the week...