Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Frodsham's next big grants evening

Are you part of a club, group or society in Frodsham?  Is there something you are planning to do which needs some grant money to get it going?  Well the 11th February may be your day.

Cllr Lynn Riley and I are going to run another grant giving evening on 11 February at the 'Tin Church' on Main Street.  It will follow the successful format that I introduced a few years ago where it is the community groups bidding for money that will decide where it goes - and they can't vote for themselves!

This year we will be awarding:

3 x £1,000 awards
3 x £500 awards
4 x £250 awards

Applying for the grant monies couldn't be simpler.  There is a short application form which you can get by emailing Lynn Riley or me - or even Peter Lloyd who is organising the event for us.  Peter can be contacted - . His telephone number is 01244 973642.

The application is little more than giving the essential details of the group, its bank account details if it is successful and what it wants the money for.  On the evening of 11 February the group will have to make a short presentation seeking support from other groups.  The groups can decide how to do it - often the best way is just to make a short pitch with perhaps a handout to help.  I'll be acting as time keeper making sure everyone keeps it nice and short.

Lynn and I will be encouraging new groups and groups who have not received support in the past to come forward to seek support as well as 'the usual suspects.'  Lynn and I don't have a vote - but we will seek to make sure that everyone knows what grants monies have been given out and to whom in the past.

Make sure you put a bid in.   It is also a great evening to network with other groups.

Each CWaC Cllr has a £10,000 budget from which he or she can award grant monies.  I pioneered the idea that it should be the community groups themselves who should decide who should get the money. These grant monies come from Lynn and my £10,000 allocation equally.

Both of us have a little additional money that we may be able to award for things that particularly catch our eye that may not receive an award.