Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Are you ready for the cold snap?

Are you ready for the forecast cold snap? According to the Met Office we are due to have snow on Friday after a few frosty days. If we do have snow on Friday will you be able to get to work, to take your children to school? Will our older, perhaps less mobile neighbours be able to get out and about?

Don't forget anyone in Frodsham who wants grit to spread on the local roads and pavements can have it. Frodsham Town Council has a winter gritting scheme. If you want bags of grit delivering to your home - on the condition that you spread it on the local roads and pavements - just contact FTC's Town Clerk Jon Wild at the Town Council - tel 01928 735150 and ask.

This will be the 2nd year the scheme has run, and the 3rd year on the Lakes Estate which was the pilot scheme I put in place. As a community, if we all pull together we can make sure that Frodsham is as 'user friendly' as possible even in wintery conditions.