Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Empty chairs at the Council table?

Labour Councillors at CWaC have gone AWOL. They've chosen to boycott council meetings for the rest of 2012. Bearing in mind the Christmas - New Year break this 'strike' will effectively last a week.

I feel sorry for those residents of CWaC who have 'striking' Labour Cllrs who aren't doing their bit for their residents. Speaking personally though, this has meant meetings are less heated, and in my view they are more productive.

So what is it that has brought about their 'strike.' Well it appears the hump has been taken following a very acrimonious council meeting last Thursday. There is talk of agreements being broken, bad faith being shown, unpardonable rudeness to newly created Aldermen and our new Freeman of the Borough. I'm not going to delve into these issues - I don't need to, and I don't know all the dealings - however I am clear that the last people who should go on 'strike' are elected members.

Speaking now directly to the Labour Cllrs - if you want to be principled do something that brings hardship to you and not the vulnerable. It is ironic that strikers lose pay when they don't work, CWaC's Labour Cllrs receive the same allowances when they withdraw their labour! I suggest, fellow members, you instruct CWaC not to pay you half a month's allowances coinciding with your avowed withdrawal from council meetings. Now if you do that maybe we'll see the principled action as opposed to a convenient early holiday on full allowances.