Friday, 19 October 2012

Frodsham Windfarm granted permission

So, the Lib Dem Secretary of State Ed Davey has ignored the overwhelming sentiments of those of us living in Frodsham and Helsby and foisted on us a 19 x 125m high windfarm complex on Frodsham Marshes.   The scheme is for the turbines to be in two parts - the larger grouping in front of Helsby, with the others on the western end of Frodsham extending down to the Ship Canal.  They will be given permission to operate for 25 years - and then they must be taken down.

At 125m high the tip of the blades will be higher than 'Frodsham Hill.'

I am told we will have the dubious honour of having the largest windfarm complex close to a centre of population in Europe and the largest complex close to a motorway.

I have asked Steve Robinson the Chief Exec of CWaC to have the council's lawyers crawl all over the decision with a view to seeing if a legal challenge is feasible.  I have also asked him to second a senior officer to the local communities to assist us in discussions with Peel Energy - who have, so far at least, failed to engage meaningfully, in my view, with the local community.

I feared this decision was coming as Ed Davey has been talking up on-shore wind developments in recent weeks.  My cynical nature also highlighted the fact that this part of Cheshire has been a 'Lib-Dem' dead zone for years, not just from the last local elections in 2011 which saw only 1 Lib-Dem elected to CWaC's 75 man council.  So it is not as if his party will suffer at the polls locally in any event.

Ed Davey does talk of the need for windfarm developers to provide community benefits for the communities most affected by their developments.  Secretary of State please understand that most residents in this part of the world don't want to be bribed - and even if they were to accept it - the price we would demand would be much higher than is presently on offer.