Friday, 5 October 2012

An inspirational evening with Forum Housing

I've been out in Bebington tonight - for the founding of a new Rotaract Club.  For those not in the know Rotoract Clubs are for adults between 18-30.  They are part of the Rotary family of clubs who blend friendship and fellowship with community service.  We all try to live up to the 'service before self' motto.

Anyway this evening was special not just because a new Rotoract Club was being created - although that is pretty special - it was special because this club was being established by Forum Housing with Birkenhead Rotary Club.  The youngsters forming the club have all had a hard start in life and have received help, housing and mentoring by Forum Housing to become model young citizens with confidence, aspiration and hope.  These are youngsters who have gone from receiving help and assistance themselves to now being part the outreach to those in need of help.

It was fantastic to see these new members of Rotoract present their business plan to promote their club and their community work to us.  They also performed flawlessly and with great panache and talent in an evening that blended music with speeches and much well wishing.

All in all very humbling and a tremendous advert for the work that Forum Housing do in helping turning lives around.

I've invited some of the Forum Housing team to Frodsham.  I'd love to see them doing outreach work in Frodsham, building the confidence and life skills of our youngsters and helping them become model citizens.