Friday, 21 September 2012

On the buses to HHS

This blog has been written by Cllr Lynn Riley:

Both Andrew and I have spoken to several parents about the current situation with buses to and from Frodsham from Helsby High School.

Both Andrew and I are parents of school aged youngsters who go to Helsby High School. We both understand how anxious and understandably angry some parents and students are that things haven’t run smoothly from day one.

I’m not a great blogger and would always prefer the chance to talk face-to-face whenever people need solutions to problems. Facebook and the press are great ways of stating the ‘obvious’, but all we’re really interested in is sorting things out.

I’ve discussed with Mr Capstick this week that probably the easiest and quickest way to fix things is to get everyone together who is still having problems and get to the heart of the matter. He agrees and is happy to use school for a meeting.

All those involved in working through what I hope will be the ‘fix’ believe that this unfortunate devil, is well-and-truely in the detail. The facts of the matter are that the ‘policy’ remains unchanged, the numbers at HHS aren’t that different this year than last year and there are actually more bus places available now than there were under the arrangements last year.

The school has been trying to work through the problems by letting the year 7 children out first so they can get on a bus; the older children should all have a transport option if they get on the bus allocated to their journey.

The main pressure point is how our children travel into Frodsham and continue beyond the Bear’s Paw towards the Lakes, Gates Garage and Sutton Weaver. It’s making sure that these children get priority on the 429 bus and those who live on the side of town before the Paw use the other buses available.

There are a number of options that can be tried if things aren’t sorted out by the measures that are already in place and both the school and the council’s transport services are keen to help. We can do this on a individual basis if you want to call the Council, but it would be better for us to get together as parents and make sure that we end up with the balanced equation of the right number of bums on seats!

We just need a time and a day for the meeting.