Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Castle Park to have a community orchard - that is if the thieves stay away

Frodsham Transitions made a presentation to Castle Park Trust Executive today.  They want to plant a community orchard in Castle Park - adding to the orchards already planned elsewhere in Frodsham.  The idea is to provide sustainable food for the community.  Any surplus will be given to our schools.

The trust willingly granted permission in theory - but asked for the specific plans to be worked up once all interested groups had been consulted.  After all you wouldn't want an apple tree on the running track or on top of something really historic and significant.  (see the story about Frodsham's Castle published earlier today.)

Whilst we were discussing the plans for the orchard it emerged that tree planting in Castle Park is problematic and something of a war of attrition.  In the last couple of years 20 trees have been planted in the park - only 3 of which remain.  No its not 'Dutch Elm' disease or some other natural cause wreaking havoc.  The predators responsible for our trees disappearing are thieves with spades.

I asked our officers today whether they minded me giving publicity to these thefts - as it may serve to encourage the last 3 trees to disappear.  They reckoned it was worth the risk!

Just in case any 'thieves with spades' are reading this - we do have police patrols in the park from time to time and there is CCTV.  Many of our trees our planted by community groups or in memory of events or individuals.   You have to be quite a 'lowlife' to steal such things.