Sunday, 22 July 2012

Union of South Africa visits Frodsham

Well its all happening at Frodsham Station this weekend.  The Union of South Africa steam engine visited Frodsham today as part of its Crewe-Holyhead excursion.  Frodsham is one of the places to see the loco as it takes on water here.

I've always wanted to photograph an iconic steam engine crossing the viaduct so I went into the fields above Ellis Lane with a telephoto lens and then, having snapped from there I went down to the station to take some photographs there.  It was wonderful to see the station packed out.

The train was one of the longest I've seen in Frodsham.  It was interesting to see the train was banked by a diesel engine 'Swift.'  I can assure you I've not been recording numbers!   And for the record - I am not a train spotter!

Enjoy the photographs.

Update - I made the tactical error this morning of only having a telephoto lens with me.  So I took my standard lens out tonight and photographed the return into Frodsham.  It was actually much darker than appears in the photographs - the clue being the headlight!

Union of South Africa approaching Frodsham

On the viaduct

'Swift' brings up the rear

sorting the tender 

Frodsham station thronged

The water tanker

Over the bridge


Back at 9:10pm

Union of South Africa No 60009 in BR Brunswick Green

Once again standing room only on the platform - as she takes on water from the tanker on the right hand side.



Sublime to the ridiculous - disappearing in a cloud of diesel fumes!