Sunday, 29 July 2012

Olympic Celebration - King's Church

I've just had a very energetic and enthusiastic morning.  Merv and Ann at King's Church made be very welcome.  King's Church will be running a games themed holiday club in August for local children.  They know they will have around 70 children taking part.  Today was their opening ceremony.  They had kindly invited me along to light their torch and declare their games open.

All of us in Frodsham owe a debt of gratitude to the army of volunteers who do so much for the community.  I was very taken by the enthusiasm Beccy and her colleagues at King's Church showed today.  I can't imagine any child attending the holiday club will be allowed to be sedentary for more than a few minutes.  They will return home accomplished performers and be able to perform all the moves to 'On your marks!'

They'll also become founts of Olympic themed knowledge.  The three Olympic 'factoids' today were:
1 - the first Olympic games were held in 776BC;
2 - the cross at King's Church was erected by Frodsham's own Olympic torch bearer Joe Beswick
3 - Merv - has not competed in any Olympic Games!

If you want to know more about their Holiday Club here is the link: