Friday, 20 July 2012

Marsh Lane - double yellows?

We held a public meeting at the 'Tin church' last night to consider whether improvements could be made to Marsh Lane. 

The residents have complained about parking problems, vehicle speeds and large vehicles having to mount the pavement to get passed parked cars at the narrowest part.  This was the second meeting in recent months.  After the first meeting CWaC promised to carry out checks on vehicle speeds.

That data is now available and it shows that vehicle speeding is not necessarily an issue as average vehicle speeds were shown to be 22mph in one direction and 15mph in the other.  The speed limit is 30mph - although whether 30mph is a suitable speed to travel along Marsh Lane is a different question.

A strong consensus seems to have emerged last night - at least amongst the 50 or so residents that attended - that they want to see double yellow lines with loading and unloading restrictions brought in along Marsh Lane at its narrowest part.  A further consultation is planned with everyone in the vicinity shortly.  If you live along Marsh Lane or in any of the roads off Marsh Lane please do make sure you look out for the local publicity and that you mention the proposals to your neighbours.  There is, after all, only so much that can be done in telling people what is being considered.

CWaC will now draw up proposals which will be circulated in the next week or so, with a view to making the necessary Traffic Regulation Order ('TRO') and painting the necessary lines on the road in the autumn - providing there is the widespread support that seemed to be indicated last night.

It costs CWaC about £2,000 to bring in the necessary legal orders to permit the yellow lines to be painted, and more crucially enforced.  The cost of the paint is, as you'd expect the least significant element of cost.  However where a community wants a TRO - CWaC Highways will only proceed with it if the cost of the order is met from the CWaC local members' discretionary budget - which is only £10,000 per member per year.

Cllr Lynn Riley and I are willing to support the making of this TRO - even though the cost represents 10% of our entire budgets for the year if the local residents in Marsh Lane and the surrounding area confirm they really do want these restrictions bringing in.  There will be at least 3 households who will have to find somewhere else to park their cars.

One of the ironic consequences of bringing in these parking and loading restrictions is that speed along Marsh Lane may rise.  Although as I pointed out in the meeting last night - if all the residents drove at no more than 20mph along Marsh Lane they would soon be able to reduce the speed of those who drive at little faster! 

Lynn and I won't be in a position to spend another £2,000 on another TRO for Marsh Lane any time soon - so lets hope everyone agrees with the solution proposed and drives sensibly - even if the road does become easier to navigate if parking restrictions are brought in.