Monday, 9 July 2012

Liverpool - Chester cycle ride

Yesterday was the annual Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool cycle event.  It was the 19th time the event has been run.  Over 3,000 cyclists took part. We were all raising money for Claire House our local children's hospice.  One of the highlights for me is cycling through the Birkenhead tunnel -seeing and smelling it close to - without a car in sight.

For cyclists at least the weather yesterday was 'Goldilocks' - neither too hot, nor too cold - it was just right!  And it didn't rain.  My son and I cycled the 25 miles in 2 1/4 hours - or rather I did it in that time - he decided to pace himself to me - so I wasn't left too far behind!   I have to confess we were beaten by Cllr David Robinson's 2:02!  David had the good grace to recognise that I had 'fatter tyres' to propel! 

Pennine Events managed the event - and I have to commend them for a job well done.  As you'll appreciate a cycle event down the Wirral inevitably means you have to cross or run along the A540 several times.  All significant junctions were well sign posted and marshalled. 

Finished - at the Countess of Chester!

I'd love to see many more people doing it next year!