Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gypsy & Traveller site planning refusal upheld

The Secretary of State has published a planning decision concerning a gypsy and traveller site in Mickle Trafford.   The decision letter is worth reading as it considers the steps CWaC is taking to make permanent provision for such sites in the borough and the weight that should be given to this when considering whether a new gypsy and traveller site in green belt should receive any form of planning permission.

The decision letter can be found at

Whilst one has to be careful about over emphasising the importance of a single planning decision it is pleasing to see that the Secretary of State is supporting the steps taken by the council.  This looks like a first successful step towards CWaC re-taking control of our green belt.

Unfortunately the control of the green belt was effectively surrendered by the previous Labour Government's planning policies concerning gypsy and travellers and our former district councils failure to provide sufficient sites for them.  The present government has toughened up planning policy and CWaC had allocated land in Winsford and Ellesmere Port for permanent sites - and is considering further sites in addition.