Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Farewell 'Homefront' - come back soon?

Well the filming of the first series of 'Homefront' comes to end this week.  The production crew and actors are going to brave Main Street, Frodsham on Thursday - but once the market has closed.  Whilst there have been a couple of complaints about the disruption caused during the filming the overwhelming response has been very favourable.  The production company hopes that they will be commissioned to produce a second series.

CWaC believes that this production is the largest TV production so far produced in the Borough - and I for one am pleased that it puts us firmly on the map along with some of our iconic locations such as the Bear's Paw, St Laurence's Church - and not forgetting our historic arch in front of the Army Cadet building.  Other locations have included Amore, Macs and Lusso Salon.

Frodsham will double as the fictional garrison town of 'Leysham' in a drama that centres around the lives of four women living in the town's army quarters.  The series will be broadcast this autumn.  I'm sure we will all be glued to it spotting the various locations!

The cast includes Claire Skinner, Nicola Stephenson, Clare Higgins and Antonia Thomas and has been written by Sue Teddern with Jan McVerry.

Filming outside St Laurence's
Clare Higgins acting!

Lights, camera, action