Monday, 2 July 2012

Brief Lives

I met local author Arthur Smith yesterday and was fortunate to have a discussion with him about his new book 'Brief Lives - Notable People of Frodsham in the Past.'  Arthur had his book launch a couple of weeks ago, however I wasn't able to attend through a clash of meetings - so being able to have a one to one chat with Arthur was something of a treat for me.  It also meant I now have a signed copy of the book!

I'm yet to read it cover to cover - that pleasure will have to await the holidays in August - but what I have read so far has intrigued me.  I am looking forward to ready about our past worthies including Prince Warbo and a clutch of well known local names such as Kydd, Hayes, Worralls and Williams.

As someone who bloggs - Canon Bloggs - is clearly someone to read about!  (sorry I know that is a fairly lame joke.)

I was delighted to be able to support the publication of Arthur's book through my CWaC Member's Grant fund.