Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bradley Lane - Travellers Site Planning Application

CWaC's planning committee was called upon last night to decide whether or not to grant a temporary planning permission for a gypsy and traveller site on Bradley Lane.  The site is in green belt, next to a SSSI, in an area of outstanding country value.  By all measures it is an 'unsustainable site' for residential accommodation.

The committee meeting is available to view on the CWaC website - this is the link - 

The application is number 19 on the agenda - you can easily find it on the webcast by clicking on the tab icon (the one that looks like a file with tabs sticking out) and scrolling down to number 19.

As many of us realise gypsy and traveller sites are a vexed issue for the council - and this is the latest application to reach the council, and fall to be determined, before CWaC is able to bring its own G&T sites into use.

Both Cllr Lynn Riley and I opposed the application (and we were joined in our opposition by the neighbours) and the councillor for the neighbouring Kingsley Ward, Cllr Ralph Oultram.

The committee seemed, at one point, that they were about to be swayed by our arguments and would have been set to refuse permission.  As it was the committee chose to grant, as the officers had recommended a temporary planning permission for 1 year.