Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cheshire Show

Its that time of year again - the Cheshire Show is being held today on 19 June and tomorrow on 20 June.  My wife and I spent most of the day at the show.   It is wonderful to see so many people celebrating our county, its marvellous diversity and its proud agricultural heritage.  There was a wonderful atmosphere - no doubt aided by the fact we actually had a fine day!

I have to make special mention of the Cheshire West and Chester Council stand - which won 2 awards and where members of the public could try various country crafts.  I was assisted in making a besom.  For those not in the know - I now have my very own witch's broom stick.  

You could no doubt imagine the jokes that were made - more than one person was invited to attempt to fly home on my very own 'Nimbus' - you'll get the reference if you are into Harry Potter!

We've come home with lots of wonderful foods - which I intend to enjoy over the next few days!

Cheshire West and Chester's stand at the Cheshire Show