Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Reluctant Mayor

Well it is incredible to think that I have been Mayor of Frodsham for a year.  Actually it was on 16 May 2011 that I became Mayor of Frodsham.  This was after the elections on 5 May 2011 which saw all the candidates standing on the Frodsham First manifesto elected top of the polls where there were contested elections.

I vividly remember explaining to my wife, and the present Mayoress of Frodsham, that, in all likelihood I would return from that Council meeting as the Mayor of Frodsham.  I wasn't looking for the civic honour - rather the chairmanship of the council - which was needed to implement the significant changes to the council we wanted to bring about.  Last year the role of Chairman and Mayor went together. She let it be known to me - in jest I hasten to add - that if I returned as Mayor I could expect divorce papers!

In April this year the Council decided unanimously to:
  • make much more of our civics.  We agreed we should maximise the opportunities to celebrate and promote Frodsham.  Our Mayor should be our primary ambassador - although he or she could be joined by past Mayors, existing councillors and junior Mayors from our Primary Schools; and
  • select our Mayors based on them being willing to serve and the years they have served the council since they were first elected or were last Mayor.
The council also decided by a majority to separate the role of Chairman of the Council from that of the Mayor.

We were meant to have our Annual General Meeting yesterday and that should have led onto our Investiture for our Mayor.  We've had to postpone it until 22 May as some of our councillors wish to debate the separation one more time.  We had an informal meeting last night instead where we debated the issues again and we will do so again in a formal setting on 22 May.

So, I was meant to be Mayor for 364 days - from 16 May 2011 to 14 May 2012.  However I remain Mayor reluctantly for a further 8 days - so my term of office will, in theory, be 372 days.  I wonder if that is a record for a consecutive term?