Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The opening of an Eglu!

I've finally done it.  In the last days of my Mayorship I've got to open something.  I was invited by Mrs Gail Fullbrook, the headteacher at Frodsham CofE Primary School to open the school's Eglu!  An Eglu is a modern hen coop.

You may remember that at the CWaC members' community grants evening in Frodsham at the end of February the community groups seeking money decided that the school's plans to have chickens in a secure coop should be supported - so they got the money.  The head teacher was kind enough to invite me to perform the official opening - to welcome the school's 3 hens!  I formally opened the coop to allow the hens an opportunity to use their run!  However they were somewhat scared off by the noise!

I gather they are now settling into their run and have been seen pecking!  They are not expected to lay for another 4 - 6 weeks and then around 5 eggs per hen per week.  It looks like omelette's all round at Overton Primary!