Monday, 2 April 2012

An unexpected encounter

Cheshire Hikers on the Middlewood Way -
photographed whilst cycling!
After all the frenetic activity involved in the Portas bid it was nice to have a family weekend.  In the past I've been a moderately keen cyclist - and yesterday was the first day out for my bike since last autumn.  The whole family (minus the dog) cycled the Middlewood Way from Marple to Bollington and back.  I guess we did about 15 miles or so.

Today I am reminded of the classic line from Blackadder II - the Puritan's episode - where Nathaniel was reported as sitting on a spike!  However leaving aside my personal pain and my enjoyment of all things Blackadder I have to report it was good exercise if perhaps a little on the cold side. 

However little did we know when we set off that we would come accross many friends from Frodsham on the wrong side of Cheshire!  Yesterday was day two of the Scout's Cheshire Hike and we encountered many Frodsham Scouts!  Some looked weary others were still surprisingly sprightly!

The Cheshire Hike is a rite of passage for many of our youngsters and we should all thank the Scout leaders and volunteers who help put on the weekend and make sure that the only problems the youngsters encounter are blisters!

I was also impressed by the Middleton Way - an excellent route for cyclist, horse riders and walkers to get out into the countryside together away from cars!  Lets get more of them all over Cheshire!