Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Town Champion Recruitment

Well four of us have just finished 2 days of interviewing candidates to be Frodsham's first Town Champion.  There were 24 candidates originally and we ended up interviewing 12 of them.

A big 'thank you' to everyone who applied and for the passion and enthusiasm displayed both in the application process and during the interviews and presentation.  It was really impressive - and especially for us in Frodsham to realise that we can attract such wonderful talent.  

We've still not decided who to appoint as Town Champion - but we have decided that we want to stay in touch with a number of the candidates we interviewed.  As in many job application processes you end up wanting parts of many of them!  The was tremendous creativity on display that I could see really working here. 

Cllr Lynn Riley and I have spent the day rounding up extra resources for the Frodsham Foundation - and we think we've laid our hands on more money.  I'm also delighted to report that we think the set up costs for the Foundation itself - that is a charitable social enterprise company limited by guarantee will be of the order of £900 plus VAT and we've already had the costs to meet two thirds of the set up costs pledged to us and with the other third an almost certainty too.

We've had the offer of free office space for the Foundation too... and CWaC have come calling offering grant monies in addition.

Ironically the Foundation process is not all about grant monies - although resources will be important.  It is all about us having a shared vision and a common desire to work together as a community to support ourselves and each other.

There will be more news about this very shortly.