Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Town Conversation at Costa

Many thanks to Kate our Town Clerk and Lisa and her crew at Costa for organising a fantastic evening.  More than a hundred people turned out to discuss what we can do to make Frodsham more vibrant.   Everyone was encouraged to chat around a number of topics all centred on improving the town and its prospects.  We'll give you more feedback on what was said when we've analysed it.  As you can appreciate Frodsham wasn't short of opinions!

I'm really delighted that we held our meeting in Costa - who willingly allowed us to use their premises for free - providing we bought their coffee!   I'm pleased to tell you our total tea and coffee bill was less than £81 - equivalent to room hire - but that money was spent with a local business - and they made more sales too!

Lisa will gladly have us back - perhaps we should hold our Community Forums in Costa and our Annual Town Meeting?