Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Smooth running - and breaking a few eggs on the way!

Strange things have been happening in Frodsham both this year, and indeed last year... and I've been noticing that these strange happenings have been taking place around the Borough ... our roads are being improved.  In fact I cannot remember a time when so many road works have been taking place around us... and I don't just mean a utility company digging up a road - I mean resurfacing and other improvements.

I'm sure I won't get the full list right but we've had; Howey Lane, Church Road, Fluin Lane all

We've had a new zebra crossing put in on Vicarage Lane and the one at Kingsley Road/Bradley Lane improved.  We've had new led lights installed at the crossing on the A56 by Bridgewater Close.  And of course we've seen the T junction at Hapsford resurfaced too.

At the moment the centre of Frodsham is enduring some congestion with highway works around the Bear's Paw traffic lights.  These works are taking some time to complete - and on Sunday Church Street was closed.  This did cause some congestion with vehicles diverted on to other roads.

Now it has to be said that a couple (and I mean litterally a couple) of people have been moaning to me about the disruption.   None of us like the disruption - but then you can't carry out repairs and improvements with cars and lorries running over the roads either.  You can't make an omelete without breaking eggs!

As long as the works are being carried out efficiently I think the disruption is worth it.

On a personal level I am very grateful for the improvements made along Fluin Lane last year.  No longer am I woken in the small hours with an HGV clanging and banging down my road as its suspension fails fully to cope with a rutted surface.  I wouldn't have been the only one disturbed either.

The funny thing is - having lived in Frodsham for 20 years I don't recall a time when there has been so much work on maintaining our infrastructure.  I'm glad its happening even though, like most people I'll be glad when the road works go elsewhere!

There is a reason why CWaC received an award last year from a cycling organisation - recognising the excellent efforts made by the Council in improving the road network and dealing with pot holes.