Friday, 23 March 2012

Out with the Chain Gang

I had a fantastic day yesterday.  It was the Lord Mayor of Chester's day out.  Cllr Johnson had invited the Mayors of the surrounding towns and cities to be with her as she visited Quinn Glass, Ness Gardens and Chester Zoo.  

The Quinn Glass ultra-modern glass bottle making and filling plant was fascinating.  We saw almost molten hot glass bottles emerging from the furnace as streaks of fire through to their cooling and checking and ultimately their filling.  The company is anxious to play a leading role in the life of the communities that surround it.  I had a chance to speak with Chris Spray who runs the site - and I have asked him to support Frodsham's bid to be a 'Portas Pilot Town.'

At Ness Gardens we were treated to a sustainable and delicious lunch of locally produced food - followed by a  tour of the gardens.  I was surprised to be told that these botanical gardens are amongst the driest in the country.

Then on to Chester Zoo where we had a guided tour.  The zoo is always a fascinating place to visit.  I was very struck by the way in which some of the animals interacted with the visitors.  I am sure some of them thought we were the ones paraded for their curiosity!

Quinn Glass
Ness Gardens

Frodsham meets Northwich, Halton, West Lancs ...

Tiger, tiger

I was very much amused to be invited to park the Frodsham Mayoral car alongside the other civic limos and couldn't resist the photo opportunity!