Friday, 30 March 2012

Frodsham's bid for Mary Portas Status

Well its been hard work. Today we submitted Frodsham's bid to the Department of Communities and Local Government for Mary Portas pilot status. We think our bid is ground breaking and innovative.

Central to our bid is our proposal to establish a charitable social enterprise company called the Frodsham Foundation. All of us in Frodsham will have an interest in the company. The company will promote and support our town, our businesses and our community groups.

We see our soon to be appointed Town Champion being its Chief Executive and the trustees or board of directors being drawn from businesses, local government, residents and community groups. We're hoping it will become a sustainable enterprise within 2 years and perhaps even take over the delivery of local government services. The company will be entrepreneurial - but will reinvest its earnings in out town.

I bet you won't believe just how long it has taken to fill out the application form, prepare the suporting video, deal with the close on 1,000 emails that this process has spawned. And that's ever before we think about setting up the new website and the new Frodsham TV you tube channel.

Make sure you check out our video - it is absolutely incredible - but don't take my word for it go and find Frodsham TV on You Tube - or search for Frodsham Portas - you'll soon find it. The detail of the bid is on the foundation's website.

I have to say a great big thank you to everyone involved in putting the bid together. There have been loads of people involved with many meetings and discussions. There were 3 of us in the core team who put the bid together and we have worked exceptionally long hours - and wonderfully still kept our sanity, sense of humour and marriages.

 As things worked out we had our best ideas after midnight - that's when the scale and scope of what the Foundation could do really took hold. Its also when we agreed to ditch the staid and boring video that we'd put together in favour of our incredible version. I hope you enjoy it!