Saturday, 17 March 2012

Frodsham Music & Arts Club

I was honoured and delighted to be a guest of Anthony Barker and the Frodsham Music and Arts Club tonight at the Community Centre.  The club along with Eva Warren presented a musical evening where all the performers were young musicians.   The 12 youngsters (whose average age was also 12) performed brilliantly.  Their performances were wonderful - such great talent and musical ability on display.  I was very taken by how fearlessly they performed and the easy confidence they displayed as they enchanted the audience.

It would be wrong to single out any performance as they were all wonderful.  However I was particularly taken by Sophie Clarke's (13) rendition of 'Bright Eyes.'

As a former Cathedral Chorister who was brought up with the notion that girls can struggle to produce the 'bel canto' sound of a boy treble it was remarkable to have such a well established belief comprehensively challenged.  She sang beautifully.  It also took me back to reading the book, and seeing the film of Watership Down in my younger days.  She was pitch perfect.

I also have to mention Luke Jones's (16) fantastic virtuoso piano performance.  He played Scherzo and March by Franz Liszt.  This wasn't a piece I'd heard before - but he got me listening intently.  I was also very impressed that he performed an impromtu encore of a Chopin Etude that struck me as  fiendishly difficult to play well - and he did play it well- 'and then some!'

So well done Anthony.  Thanks for bringing such a wonderful show to Frodsham.  Thanks also to Eva in being able to assemble such talent from the north west and present it to us in Frodsham.  I loved Eva's style - barely organised chaos perhaps best typifies it.  That might sound harsh.  Well its not meant to - it was actually very endearing and contributed to putting everyone very much at their ease.

Anthony asked me to propose the vote of thanks.  I willingly did so.  Lets not forget that behind every talented performer, and especially a young performer is a team, largely unsung, of teachers and parents.  They, as well as the performers and impresarios have every right to be very proud of a truly excellent show put on for us in Frodsham.

I've said it before - but it is worth saying again.  We've a wonderful community in Frodsham and most of us don't even know the half, or even the quarter of what goes on here.  An exceptional evening.