Friday, 24 February 2012

Should Frodsham be a Mary Portas Pilot Town?

Mary Portas - the high street retail guru - has persuaded the Government to pilot her initiatives to breathe more life back into our high streets.    The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has established a £1m fund to support changes in up to 12 towns nationally.

Cheshire West and Chester Council indicated last week that it wanted to support one of its towns in making the bid to the government.  Frodsham Town Council had already signalled its intention to bid to become a pilot town when CWaC made its announcement.  CWaC invited each town in the Borough to highlight what their bid to the DCLG would be likely to contain so it could evaluate the best candidate for support.

After having evaluated the bids from Chester, Neston and Northwich as well as Frodsham CWaC's Executive Member for Regeneration Cllr Herbert Manley selected the bid from Frodsham as the one which CWaC will support in the bid process.

The formal letter confirming Frodsham's status as CWaC's supported bidder said: 'we felt your application represents the best opportunity.'  

A well connected source described the Frodsham bid as being 'by far the best.'

FTC will discuss the next steps at its meeting on Monday 27 February.  If you want to get involved please contact me or our Town Clerk.

The bid to the DCLG needs to be submitted as a video by 30 March 2012.