Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Frodsham's First Big Awards Event

We've just had a wonderful grant awards evening in Frodsham.  Sixteen different community groups and associations came together to present to each other and decide which proposals should be funded.

Cllr Lynn Riley and I each have a £10,000 community grant pot that we manage.  The idea is that local community groups and associations can approach their Councillors and seek assistance - and that the grants can be awarded with a minimum of fuss.  This evening we offered three £1,000 grants and four £500 grants.

Rather than Lynn and I decide - it was the community groups themselves that decided which of the proposals should be funded - and they weren't allowed to vote for themselves!

It was also a wonderful evening of networking with the groups mingling with each other - and with other groups that could also potentially provide grant assistance too - such as Rotary, Round Table.  It was also good to see Arthur Nield explain how grants could be obtained from the PCT providing they chimed with health and well being.

Any way enough explaining.  You all want to know who the winners were... Well ...

In no particular order:

Frodsham CE Primary School - £500.  The girls bid for money towards an 'eglu' - a fox proof, cosy chicken coop for 2 chickens to help them learn about sustainable food production.

Frodsham Rainbow Club - £500 to support families with special needs children experience out door activities.

Rotary Club of Frodsham & Helsby - £500 towards the Festival in the Park family fun day

Overton Memorial Hall Recreation Club - £500 towards the costs of replacing the bowling green flood lights.

Frodsham Youth Association - £1,000 for an inter-generational story telling project - where the older generation will tell their stories and the youngsters will perform them - with the Association raising the funds to make this a sustainable, repeatable event.

Frodsham Community Association - £1,000 towards the 'Weaver Words' Literary Festival due late summer 2012.

Vale Royal Women's Aid - £1,000 towards supporting women and children affected by domestic abuse through cooking and so much more. 

Lynn and I think it was a wonderful event - more importantly the groups themselves overwhelmingly considered the evening to be excellent.  Many thanks to Pastor Tim for letting use the 'tin church' and to Debra and Fiona for organising the evening for us.