Thursday, 23 February 2012

CWaC reduces Council Tax - and even better news in Frodsham

Conservative run Cheshire West and Chester Council tonight voted to reduce the overall Council Tax in the Borough by 0.25%.  This reduction will reduce the Council's income from the Council Tax by around £300,000 over all.  The Council wished to refund money to Borough residents who had their services interrupted by strike action earlier in the year - hence going beyond simply freezing the Council Tax.  This £300,000 refunds around 2/3rds of the money the Council saved when its workforce went on strike.

The Council also voted to bring in a Special Expenses Regime which apportions its costs of providing Christmas lights, Police Community Support Officers and playing fields to the Council tax payers in the local parishes where those services are paid for by the Council.  Now in Frodsham CWaC doesn't pay for any of these services - they are all paid for by Frodsham residents through Frodsham Town Council.  This change coupled with the overall drop of 0.25% means our council tax payable to Cheshire West and Chester will fall by 0.91%.  On a Band D property this is a £11.40 reduction.

This also means that Frodsham Town Council has more than achieved its aim of offsetting its Council Tax rise against the reduction in Council Tax from Cheshire West and Chester Council.

So on a Band D property:

CWaC down £11.40
FTC up            £8.33
net reduction  £3.07

Now to get the full picture on the Council Tax you need to consider also what the Fire Authority and the Police Authority have done too.  The Fire Authority left its Council Tax rate unchanged.  The Police Authority voted to increase its Council Tax by 3.94% or £5.77 on a Band D property.

Overall then this means a £2.70 increase in the Council Tax on a Band D property or 5p per week.  Effectively this is a standstill position.  According to my calculation the overall increase on a Band D total council tax bill of around £1,500 is 0.0018%.

Incidentally I voted against the Police Authority's rise - but was out voted!