Saturday, 28 January 2012

FTC - Update on the budget

The latest budget figures are now in.  All of the Local Councils quoted below have now set their precepts and what they want to be raised in Council Tax.

So assuming CWaC sets the Council Tax at the same rate as last year this time around, and adopts the special expenses regime the position will be:

Local Council Local Council Band D charge Indicative Cheshire West and Chester Band D charge Indicative Cheshire West and Chester Special Expense Charge per Band D Total
Frodsham £38.55 £1,246.26 £0.00 £1,284.81
Winsford £36.46 £1,246.26 £3.62 £1,286.34
Helsby £42.67 £1,246.26 £1.59 £1,290.52
Neston £32.86 £1,246.26 £12.74 £1,291.86
Northwich £73.66 £1,246.26 £12.06 £1,331.98

In other words Council Tax payers in Frodsham will pay the least of any of the Cheshire West Towns that have a Town Council and less than our neighbours in Helsby.

All the figures quoted are for a Band D property before any relevant discounts are applied.

The figures are also very interesting when one looks at what percentage of the total tax taken by the Local Councils directly and those attributable to the locale by CWaC in the special expenses figures:

Local CouncilLocal Council Tax and Special Expenses as a percentage of total tax charged

In other words this shows that only 3% of the Council Tax and special expenses charge collected locally is attributable to the Town Council and special expense services provided for the community by CWaC.
The corresponding figure in Northwich is more than double at 6.4%.  Now the comparison here takes account of the fact that the Council Tax charged is higher in Northwich, say than Frodsham - as in each case the percentage is derived against the total tax paid in that community.

If one standardises the comparison and makes it against just what CWaC charge a Band D property the figures are starker:

Local Council Local Council Tax and Special Expenses as a percentage of Cheshire West and Chester tax charged
Frodsham 3.1
Winsford 3.2
Helsby 3.6
Neston 3.7
Northwich 6.9

Now of course one could compare the size of the communities as well ... but that is for another time!

The final Council Tax bill will, of course, also include amounts for the police and fire authorities.