Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dinning at the Round Table

One of the most pleasurable parts of being Mayor of Frodsham is being invited to groups and societies, and on occasion 'eat for' the people of Frodsham.  Frodsham and district Round Table invited me to one of their business meetings last night at Forest Hills.   It was a lively, good natured, affair.

I spoke for what many would think was a mercifully short period of time - I'm told one of my nameless predecessors spoke for over an hour - I kept it to around 10 minutes.  Most importantly I thanked our Round Table for all the excellent community work they do for us - ranging from Sanata's Christmas Sleigh through to the fireworks on 5 November and many other things besides.  The Table is looking out for initiatives to support - so if you have a community project that could do with some cash or young men - contact them!  

If you are a young chap and looking for a fun group to join and want to give something back to the community whilst having fun - give them a shout too!

The Table very kindly offered to donate £200 to a charity of my choice.  I asked them to keep the money under their control and award it either to a young entrepreneur to assist him or her develop a business, or, if they preferred, in supporting sexual health initiatives for our younger citizens.  I know in Winsford they hand out what are euphemistically called 'Ibiza bags' to their youngsters... Lets help the next generation make wise choices and stay healthy!

Thanks for inviting me chaps - carry on the good work!