Thursday, 27 October 2011

So what should we get for our £11,800?

Frodsham Town Council pays a contribution of £11,800 towards its Police Community Support Officer each year.  We've just been invited to confirm that we will continue to pay next year.   We've put it on the agenda to discuss at our next Town Council meeting in November.

Funny thing though, the letter written to FTC by the Chairman of the Police Authority and the Chief Constable seeking confirmation that the Town Council will continue with this arrangement didn't mention the Service Level Agreement - affectionately known as the SLA - which FTC in common with other parish councils no doubt seems to have signed with the Constabulary regulating how the PCSO will work with the community.

I've dug out the SLA - and I have to say it is not a wonderfully worded document.  It seems on the one hand to contain excessively legalistic parts for a document between partner public sector agencies who would be unlikely to sue each other- and then, on the other hand it seems to be full of public sector waffle that makes you wonder what on earth is being contemplated and why is it so complicated.

Now for Cheshire Police PCSOs are important.  There are around 215 PCSOs in Cheshire police with many part funded by public sector partners such as parish councils.  

So as a Town Council what 'bang' do you get for your 'buck'?  Well this is something we are set to explore.
Incidentally I'm on the Police Authority - so I get to see this one from both sides of the fence!