Saturday, 15 October 2011

Help save St Laurence Church

Weathered gargoyle
Top of the Tower
Love the beard
A friendly face!
Green man perhaps
Serious jowls!
This morning Cllr Lynn Riley and I attended a briefing at Foxhill about the repairs needed to St Laurence church.  There is a serious amount of money needed - perhaps more than £200,000 and a very long list of repairs required - many to the Tower and the roof.

Those of us in Frodsham know and love our old church and we look set for many years of fundraising.

The present building is (at least in part) over 800 years old although it seems likely there has been a church on this site from Saxon times.  Certainly Frodsham's church is mentioned in the Domesday Book. 

I took some photographs this afternoon showing some of the unusual details of the church - they also show the extensive weathering and erosion.  Sandstone looks warm and inviting - but it doesn't last for ever!

Rumour has it that wooden fillets have fallen from the roof into the pulpit.  Far be it from me to suggest that this could be a sign to encourage brevity!