Monday, 24 October 2011

A day of celebration, remembrance and walking the streets

Yesterday evening as Mayor of Frodsham and as a Cheshire West Councillor I attended the Royal British Legion's Last Night of the Proms Extravaganza at the Brindley Theatre in Runcorn.  This was also the local launch of this year's Poppy Appeal in our part of the world.

I was honoured to be present for such a wonderful event and to have helped support it with my other CWaC Cllr colleagues who provided the funding that allowed the event to take place.  It was a wonderful evening of commemoration and music with the excellent Roberts Bakery Brass Band and the Hillfield Male Voice Choir taking centre stage.  Typical of these evenings it was a wonderful event tinged with sadness and reflection remembering those who have died serving our Queen and country.

I was deeply touched to be asked to make a presentation to Ethan - a young chap - whose father was killed in Iraq whilst serving with the Army.  Ethan launched the Poppy Appeal in memory of his dad.

Earlier in the day I was at the beautiful St Chad's Church at Over, Winsford remembering those police officers who died in the course of their duties in Cheshire as far back as the 1790s - when I presume they were members of the local watch.  Cheshire Police's excellent brass performed there.

All in all quite a day of commemoration and lots of singing!

On Saturday and Sunday mornings Cllr Lynn Riley and I delivered letters to about 2/3rds of Frodsham - with the other 1/3rd or so still to go inviting locals to participate in our winter gritting scheme.  With one exception we have been well received on the streets.  I won't name and shame the household that wasn't that receptive on Saturday morning - other than to observe that the unfavourable reception took place at a location where the locals have been most vociferous in wanting something done to ease problems in snow and ice.  We received an invitation to come back when it was colder!

You can't win'em all!