Friday, 22 July 2011

What a fantastic Council Meeting

Now that's an unusual thing to say - however we had a really great meeting of FTC last Tuesday.  Those of us there had a strong sense of purpose.  We listened to each other with respect - the posturing and pontificating was limited to one exchange on the budget - but other than that we got on with business.

We made decisions that will point the way for the Council in the year, if not years to come.
We've more than halved our committee meetings from those the old Council had - freeing up our officer resources to actually do things.  We've decided to commission a report on our children's play areas.  We're looking to have a Town Council publication produced and distributed monthly.  We're investing in our Christmas Lights by paying for support brackets to be attached to each lighting column.

We've listened to the community in our consultations and will be offering our over 70s more choice as to how they celebrate Christmas.  Oh and we've changed our logo - to a bee - in fact to look like the bee everyone thinks was our logo anyway!