Monday, 4 July 2011

Oh what a glorious weekend

Fantastic Frodsham - what a wonderful weekend.

The weather was glorious and with so much going on - the Donkey Derby on Saturday afternoon - fantastic fun watching the youngsters jog along on 'donkey-back' all to raise money for Frodsham Cricket Club.  I am really impressed with how well run the club is and the excellent work they are doing in bringing youngsters on.  Whilst none of the donkeys I placed a bet on won - I did win a coconut from the coconut shy - no-one was more surprised than me!  It also meant I could play 'Bear Grylls' later when breaking into it!

In the evening the choral society put on a concert at the Community Centre - the second half was a concert version of HMS Pinafore - it reawakened in me my latent love of all things G&S.  Great concert.

Sunday morning brought the Liverpool-Chester bike ride (or further distances if you are up to it).  My son and I made it in 2 hours 20 minutes - an average speed of 12 mph!  I think next year he really ought to do the 60 mile or the 90 mile versions.  As he pointedly observed when I suggested I was first for the shower - he hadn't broken sweat!

And then Sunday afternoon - Frodsham's Festival in the Park.  Castle Park was packed out - truly wonderful seeing so many people enjoying the weather and seeing what goes on in Frodsham.  We must have had close on a 1000 people going through the park!  Well done to Rotary for organising everything - great job.  This weekend makes you realise what a privilege it is to be the Mayor!

Proof - at the finish line at the Countess of Chester Hospital after the Liverpool to Chester bike ride - the slog up the Deva link at the end was an absolute killer for me!