Friday, 22 July 2011

What price democracy

We've a Town Council by-election on 11 August.  And how much does this exercise in democracy cost - £2,800 to the Council Tax payers of Frodsham.  Our elections in May didn't cost the Town Council anything as they were run at the same time as the Cheshire West and Chester elections.

Democracy is precious.  Democracy has its price.

What a fantastic Council Meeting

Now that's an unusual thing to say - however we had a really great meeting of FTC last Tuesday.  Those of us there had a strong sense of purpose.  We listened to each other with respect - the posturing and pontificating was limited to one exchange on the budget - but other than that we got on with business.

We made decisions that will point the way for the Council in the year, if not years to come.
We've more than halved our committee meetings from those the old Council had - freeing up our officer resources to actually do things.  We've decided to commission a report on our children's play areas.  We're looking to have a Town Council publication produced and distributed monthly.  We're investing in our Christmas Lights by paying for support brackets to be attached to each lighting column.

We've listened to the community in our consultations and will be offering our over 70s more choice as to how they celebrate Christmas.  Oh and we've changed our logo - to a bee - in fact to look like the bee everyone thinks was our logo anyway!


Monday, 18 July 2011

The art of opposition

In our political system we rely on argument, debate and challenge to refine and hone policies and judgments.  In many ways opposition is easy - especially if all you set out to do is oppose, probably for opposition's sake.  In fact opposition at this level is probably what gives politics a bad name - pointless argument and posturing.

I've endured and enjoyed opposition on FTC for 4 years - and I'd like to thing that, notwithstanding the frustrations of not being listened to on many occasions it never stopped me raising what I thought were good ideas, or providing advice in a non-pointed way, to make things better.

Oh for the day when those challenging what we are trying to do with FTC learn the art.  Apparently everything the old FTC did was wonderful according to what I read.  Wake up and smell the coffee!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Royal British Legion - Frodsham Branch

On Saturday 9th July at 3pm the Royal British Legion - Frodsham Branch attended St Laurence Church in Frodsham to have its new standard blessed and lay-up the old flag in the church.  It was a wonderful service and great to see so many other groups and organisations supporting the legion.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Oh what a glorious weekend

Fantastic Frodsham - what a wonderful weekend.

The weather was glorious and with so much going on - the Donkey Derby on Saturday afternoon - fantastic fun watching the youngsters jog along on 'donkey-back' all to raise money for Frodsham Cricket Club.  I am really impressed with how well run the club is and the excellent work they are doing in bringing youngsters on.  Whilst none of the donkeys I placed a bet on won - I did win a coconut from the coconut shy - no-one was more surprised than me!  It also meant I could play 'Bear Grylls' later when breaking into it!

In the evening the choral society put on a concert at the Community Centre - the second half was a concert version of HMS Pinafore - it reawakened in me my latent love of all things G&S.  Great concert.

Sunday morning brought the Liverpool-Chester bike ride (or further distances if you are up to it).  My son and I made it in 2 hours 20 minutes - an average speed of 12 mph!  I think next year he really ought to do the 60 mile or the 90 mile versions.  As he pointedly observed when I suggested I was first for the shower - he hadn't broken sweat!

And then Sunday afternoon - Frodsham's Festival in the Park.  Castle Park was packed out - truly wonderful seeing so many people enjoying the weather and seeing what goes on in Frodsham.  We must have had close on a 1000 people going through the park!  Well done to Rotary for organising everything - great job.  This weekend makes you realise what a privilege it is to be the Mayor!

Proof - at the finish line at the Countess of Chester Hospital after the Liverpool to Chester bike ride - the slog up the Deva link at the end was an absolute killer for me!