Friday, 24 June 2011

The Rumour Mill

Frodsham is a wonderful efficient place.  The speed it takes a rumour to spread around seems at time to threaten the space-time continuum.  One minute you find yourself discussing the possibilities, what could be done - and the next moment you hear that decisions have been made ... and the funny thing is that decisions haven't been made.

Now I guess part of this is that the community is unused to having conversations and consultations about things - and realising that Frodsham Town Council is genuinely listening.

So far I've heard that it is a done deal that:
  • the Frodsham Post is going;
  • that the Friends of Castle Park is going; and
  • that the Over 70s Xmas dinner in October is vanishing.
And all this in the short space since our new Council got elected in May.

So - the Frodsham Post - the new Council has committed itself to obtaining Quality Council status.  Part of that process requires the Council to have a regular publication.  This means in simple terms we are committed to continuing publication.  How that is done and the resources it consumes are being considered.  No decisions have been made as yet and none are scheduled to be made in June 2011.

The Friends of Castle Park - well there have been at least 2 groups of this name working in Frodsham - one under the auspices of CWaC, and the other under FTC.  I'm now Chairman of the Castle Park Executive Trust and we've decided already through that body to open up those meetings - allowing full public access and rights to speak coupled with a push to expand the associated 'Friends of Castle Park.'  With that done and with a desire to see FTC keep its position and perhaps enhance its position on the Trust we don't need another Friends of Castle Park run by FTC.  So the Friends continue and will have direct input into the Castle Park Trust.

And now the latest bandwagon regarding the Over 70s dinner.  I was away on business on Thursday and received an email suggesting I was going to abolish Christmas - this was a 'tongue in cheek' email set to me by a colleague teasing me about the Chronicle's article which I hadn't read.  The truth of the matter is that we are debating and consulting - no decisions have been made.  There appears to be a very strong consensus around doing something for the over 70s and making sure that more than just 15% of the over 70s benefit.  However whether anything changes or not remains to be seen.

Incidentally FTC is running a number of informal consultations - make sure you have your say on this and other issues - come and see us at Festival in the Park on 3 July.