Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Town Meeting - FTC

We had the Town meeting on Tuesday night.  It was an interesting meeting.  I gave a presentation on the  state of affairs at the Town Council.  I pointed out that FTC's spending plans for 2011-12, as left to us by the outgoing Town Council are unsustainable.  We are budgeted to spend around £157k.  The Council tax will bring in just under £115k.  There is about £8k of other income potentially available - however around £34.4k will have to come from reserves.

Typically, and leaving aside spending of a capital nature, one would anticipate bringing in perhaps 5-10% more in income than one would plan to spend.  In other words we are about £30k short in income from where we should be with spending plans like this.  I have to say I opposed the meaningless reduction in the Council Tax last year which reduced the Council Tax on a Band D property by £2.77 (yes that is £2.77 in the year) but had the net effect of denying the Council £10,000 of income.  I also showed how FTC compared with our neighbouring parish and town councils.

I also pointed out that FTC had the power to spend up to c£45k on general projects for the wellbeing of Frodsham and its community - however something less than 10% had been budgeted for and only 3% of that figure had actually been spent in 2010-11.

Interestingly some of the old guard ex and existing councillors carped from the side lines and questioned some of the comments made.  I had the answers to all their questions - and the members of the community present I believe were very supportive of the approaches being suggested.