Thursday, 5 May 2011

Election day in Frodsham (and elsewhere)

It is election day - please go and vote - ideally for your Conservative candidates - but please go and vote anyway.

I've been touring the polling stations with Lynn Riley my co-candidate for Frodsham for the Cheshire West and Chester Ward of Frodsham.  We have been well received.

Inevitably we have had a few questions posed of us including...

How many leaflets have you delivered?
Well the Conservatives have delivered in respect of the Borough Council election:
  1. an InTouch to all of Frodsham in March (prior to the election being called);
  2. our Election Address to all of Frodsham - at varying times during April depending where in Frodsham you live; and
  3. an eve of poll card to 75% of Frodsham.

We are not aware of any other party campaigning actively.

With regard to the Town Council elections which are only taking place in Frodsham South and East the Frodsham First Campaign which is a joint campaign of 9 Independent Candidates and 3 Conservatives (of which 3 Independents and 1 Conservative are standing in East and 1 Independent and 2 Conservatives are standing in South) have delivered:
  1. a leaflet to every house in East and South; and
  2. a letter and further leaflet in East
We are not aware of anyone else actively campaigning in South although others have campaigned in East.

Some have commented that they would have liked to have received more information from other candidates.  I agree - I would welcome a debate with my political rivals.