Saturday, 30 April 2011

Politics is a murky business - but it needn't be

There is nothing more noble, nothing more selfless than serving your neighbours and your community - and doing it with humility, integrity and not seeking anything for yourself.   If only all our politicians were like this.  Unfortunately the murky side is emerging in Frodsham East.

I'm receiving telephone calls from local residents telling me what apparently is being said about me and the Frodsham First campaign by those we oppose in the election for Frodsham Town Council.  I'm sure those calling me are recounting faithfully what they are hearing.  What they are reporting to be can at best be described as nonesense or simply lies.  If any of my opponents want to state in writing what they are saying on the doorstep they will find themselves either in court, or referred to the Returing Officer.

I suppose I can take comfort from the fact that our opponents have been reduced to telling lies about me as an individual - no doubt recognising that what we stand for in the Frodsham First campaign is compelling.

If anyone wants to see the work that I do and have done - simply read my blogs - which I have kept since 2007 when I was first elected.  I report on the meetings I've attended and things I have done and have been trying to do.  I'm not aware of any other Councillor reporting so comprehesively on his work either at CWaC or at FTC.   But then, never let the truth get in the way of a good story?